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Anyone who knows me well will not be surprised by my love of packaging. Whilst I have not bought something just for the packaging, it has certainly has always been an extra incentive. I'd like to think that I come by this love honestly, my mother and grandmother both equally love good packaging so it only felt natural that it would be a priority for Birdie Nall. 

When it came to our boxes I wanted our logo to be front and centre. Sally from Roselind co (who also did our website) worked so hard on creating a logo that felt classic and fresh. It was so exciting to see it come to life on boxes, stickers and notecards. 



Packing up orders over the last week has been wonderful for a multitude of reasons but particularly seeing your orders ensconced within our packaging felt like a dream come true. Every order automatically comes wrapped so if you ever considering giving a Birdie Nall box as a gift, wrapping will never be one of your worries.

As always, Birdie Nall is a small business and all feedback is gratefully accepted! 

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  • Sarah @ Fewer & Better

    I love the packaging so much it’s honestly taking me ages to unwrap everything in my Easter box!

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