Jessie Baumann Sets The Table

1. Who influences you when you set the table? 
Growing up, whenever we had family meals it was always my job set the table. I remember when I was much younger I would always ask my mom where exactly the knives and forks went, as a kid these things were very hard to remember! I would be so focused on making sure every plate was perfectly straight and pretty that I would forget the actual function of a table setting. My grandmother was the one who really established the necessity of setting the table with my mom who then passed it onto me. In our grandparents age “everyday” things were more opulent and special- every meal was celebrated it seemed. So I take that notion and run with it now. 
2. What is your favourite meal to serve?
On a weekly basis I don’t really make the same meals, I am a “wing it” and see what I can throw together kind of cook- my husband calls it “Jessie off the cuff” and I always feel great when he tells me that I have another winner and I must write this one down! As far as a delicious special meal I love to make beef tenderloin, there is nothing quite like tender beef and mashed potatoes, I typically serve this for Christmas dinner. Really any dish that uses fresh herbs and butter is a favorite to serve.  
3. If you could only use one china pattern- which would it be? 
Havilland silver anniversary, it’s a ruffled rim and very simple. Why I would pick this is because after my grandmother passed and I inherited some of her china, there was only one dinner and one salad plate of this pattern and I have always wondered why. It’s so simple and unfussy that it can match with just about any pattern or color. 
4. Do you have a favourite table setting memory or favourite table?
 It was one I didn’t photograph-I had set a table before I went to the hospital to deliver Eloise. I ended up having an induction due to onset hypertension (although Elle had other plans and I went into labor that evening!) and I wanted to have a dinner table set for when we brought Eloise home and had our first dinner. It’s was a floral tablecloth, pink bow placemats with pink roses in bud vases down the center, it was simple and girly, which is what I was going for to celebrate our girl.
5. Finally, who would you like to see featured on the blog?
 @laurenneff Lauren, she has the most incredible style and I learn so much from her tables! 

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