Our Story

Birdie Nall is a seasonal tablescape company which aims to make setting the table as easy as possible. Birdie Nall was founded to help people entertain with confidence. We believe that the art of hospitality should not add stress to an event and what could be more convenient than a curated collection in one box?

Our Story

To love Birdie Nall means loving tablescapes and celebrating the holidays. Gathering friends and family around a table is one of our big joys in life. Birdie Nall was created after the founder struggled to find a convenient go-to for classic but whimsical tablescapes after she moved to the United States. 

Anchored in a timeless style, Birdie Nall hopes to make entertaining as enjoyable as possible by taking the guesswork out of hosting. No more last minute panics for seasonal table decor or trying to find enough matching napkins! Our seasonal tablescape box is a “one-stop shop” for all your needs whether it’s a special occasion or celebrating the holidays.

The Founder

Born in Japan to British expat parents and raised in an idyllic slice of England, Katherine Birdwood-Nall’s love of classic design was influenced by family and the world across her dining table. Her mother, an interior designer, loved to entertain and shared the delight of tablescapes. Katherine’s background in Art History grounded her aesthetic taste, honed further after working in fashion in London. Katherine loves to mix classic English sensibilities while celebrating American holidays after moving with her husband to Texas.

When not setting the table, Katherine loves to experiment in the kitchen, travel and has a bad online shopping habit.